Vitamin A is no stranger in your skincare and diet. Vitamin A has been used for decades in skincare for the treatment of skin aging and acne. It is known to provide benefits such as improvement of uneven skin tone, enhances skin renewal process and stimulates collagen production in the skin.

Neoretin® is an antiaging & lightening line for comprehensive epidermal renewal, significantly improves skin texture, reduces wrinkles and visibly unifies skin tone. Cantabria Labs understands the importance of vitamin A in skincare regimen and formulated this range with exclusive RetinSphere® Technology and Whitening Booster System to improve uneven skin tone and provide anti-aging benefits.

RetinSphere® Technology harnesses 2 derivatives of vitamin A that penetrates deep into skin cells to tackle the appearance and development of hyperpigmentation. RetinSphere® Technology intercepts the melanin production cycle, preventing the formation of more hyperpigmentation and concurrently, it exfoliates the skin cells, removing the existing hyperpigmentation. It is perfectly formulated to ensure user compliance and tolerability of products.

Bolstered with Whitening Booster System, it targets on all the stages of melanin production, further preventing the development of hyperpigmentation. The key ingredients in the system include Niacinamide that prevents the transfer of dark pigments to skin surface, N-Acetyl Glucosamine that inhibits the activation of enzyme that is responsible for melanin production, preventing the cycle to take place and Kojic Acid that interferes the activity of enzyme, preventing the formation of melanin.