The New Symbol of Diode Laser Depilation

Cocoon medial has developed a new generation of hair removal diode laser. The Elysion-Pro has positioned itself as one of the best in the market thanks to its versatility and effectiveness.

Operating on high power (up to 2000W), the Elysion-Pro is effective on large and small surface areas and has 3 versatile wavelengths (810nm, 940nm and 1060nm). Operating at different wavelengths ensures maximum safety and efficacy in treating all skin prototypes and all types of hair. Its two work modes; static and dynamic, make it possible to work with both high repetition and high energies along a very short pulse duration. This makes a huge difference against the rest of the devices in the market in terms of technology and results.

USP (Ultra Short Pulse) technology is a technology designed by the R & D department of cocoon medical to offer a more effective epilation than ever before. To achieve the elimination of cells that generate hair growth, the diode LASER hair removal platform of cocoon medical delivers the energy in ultra-short pulses that fulminate germination cells without actually heating the skin. The frequency in the pulse repetition of 3Hz in static mode and 15Hz in dynamic mode, make Elysion-Pro one of the fastest, safest, most powerful and most effective devices in the sector. It is even successful on last sessions’ residual hair.

Perform treatments confidently with Crystal Freeze! It is a security measure built into the device that maintains a constant temperature of 5 °C at the tip of the handle, regardless of usage time, room or skin temperature. It protects the skin and provide a comfortable feeling during treatment.