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Practicing Sustainability

Sustainability is getting our needs done without having to compromise future generations.

Saving the environment takes a lot of effort and does not happen overnight. However, it does not mean we should not do it at all. All it takes is a little bit of change, step by step.

Our e-commerce department, Dermaskinshop recently adopted these changes as an attempt to contribute to saving the environment.


1. Changing of Packing Box

A box is not something a lot would consider changing as they are mostly the same. However, there are tiny tweaks that can be done! Our packaging before was a pink box with our logo stamped on the front. This packaging requires more colour to coat around the box, a small waste that can be eliminated easily. 

Our new packaging (as pictured above) is a normal but sturdy brown box that can secure the packaging as safely as our previous packaging. The box is then further secured with a sticker as an extra safety measure, consisting of all the same information as those stamped on the old box, but with a 2-in-1 purpose of securing and sharing information. This way, the sticker will only be used when needed and wasting will be reduced. 


2. No More Plastic Wrap

It’s always the smallest changes that make the biggest impact. A swap from plastic to paper is one of the ways to go. Plastic takes many years to decompose compared to paper, thus making the change puts a stop to the never-ending loop of wasting. 

The paper that we are now using is a wrapping paper called Geami Wrap. The Geami Eco Friendly Packaging System is an up-to-date patented die-cut wrapping paper combined with tissue paper as an effective protective packaging. Once stretched, the die-cut paper is then transformed into a 3D honeycomb structure, converting it into a unique wrapping material. This honeycomb can hold and protect products similar to bubble wrap.

These aren’t much- but it’s a good start! We imagine that this little peep we have started will grow into something big in the future.