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Profhilo International Expert Meeting

LODI, ITALY, 23 September â€“ Neoasia together with IBSA Farmaceutici Italia, held Profhilo International Expert Meeting on 23 September 2019 in Lodi, Italy.

Anticipating the launch for the new segment of injectable – Profhilo, we had three doctors with us, Dr Lam Bee Lan, Dr Leo Kah Woon and Dr Siew Tuck Wah at IBSA Farmaceutici Italia. During the meeting, the scientific team at IBSA Farmaceutici Italia shared the science and technology behind the patented innovation that allows bio-remodelling and stimulation with just 5 injection points and no downtime. Profhilo has definitely brought anti-aging treatment to a whole new level.

We would like to thank Dr Antonello Tateo for the live demonstration and case studies, Gilberto Bellia for the scientific sharing and Leo and his team for the wonderful experience at this meeting!