TSK or “tasuku” in Japanese means to help. TSK aims to provide medical professionals high quality instruments that serve the well-being of patients around the world.

With a wide range of cannulas and needles, TSK devices are designed to be compatible with all dermal fillers and syringes. The dermal filler cannulas with blunt tips have been developed for use with hyaluronic acid (HA) and non HA dermal fillers. The length and flexibility allow aesthetic practitioners to cover a larger surface area with a single entry point. Blunt tip dermal filler cannulas slide through subcutaneous layer rather that cutting through tissue and vessels like traditional hypodermic needles. With less damage caused and improved manoeuvrability, filler injections with blunt tip dermal filler cannulas are performed more quickly with less pain. TSK cannulas have the best overall manageability with easier insertion, lowest penetration force and best gliding capacity. This results in less bruising, improved patient comfort and increased precision when administering dermal fillers.

Furthermore, independent studies have confirmed that the TSK needles outperform all competitors. Tests showed lower extrusion forces and smoother extrusion force profiles, thus allowing a better flow rate and reduced pop-off risk. Due to the thin and ultra-sharp needles, TSK showed the lowest traumatic effect for the patient. This makes the TSK dermal filling needles the preferred needle for all major filler brands.