The Coolwaves ™ Revolution – Smart and Enhanced Microwaves that Excel in All Body Contouring

ONDA System by DEKA Laser is the only system that uses special microwaves to target subcutaneous fat safely with maximum subject comfort due to integrated cooling system. It targets specifically for subderma; fat layers while protecting the dermal epidermal layers from unnecessary heating.


Localized fat: The deep handpiece enables Coolwaves™ to penetrate deeply, disrupting the membranes of subcutaneous fat cells. The lysate is subsequently drained off macrophage lipolysis. The cooling system integrated into the handpieces ensures that lipocytes are broken down in total safety for the skin and maximum subject comfort.

Cellulite: The shallow handpiece effectively targets the connective septa between the adipose lobules in the more advanced stages of cellulite (visible in the typical “orange peel” effect).

Skin tightening: The ONDA system’s special microwaves induce immediate shrinkage of the collagen fibres in the dermis and stimulate the production of new collagen. This makes tissues firmer and more toned.