NeoStrata®, the founder of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), have been researching topical skincare ingredients for over 40 years, discovering and patenting some of the best-known technologies, like Glycolic Acid, which have been licensed within the skincare industry worldwide. Till date we still hold Patent of some of our amazing technologies such as Bionic Polyhydroxy Acids, NeoGlucosamine® and Aminofil®.

Through the years we have discovered more new technologies that promotes gentle exfoliation of the skin surface, revealing fresh, new layers. We develop our products at pH level that your skin absorbs most effectively, targeting the building blocks of skin’s matrix for long-term results.

The success of your skincare routine begins with your skin type. We have created key collections based on our scientific research, all of which aim to achieve healthy-looking skin at every life stage.