MesoJet is an advanced aesthetic treatment device that allows practitioners to administer a range of non-invasive, relaxing skin care procedures with outstanding results. From lymphatic drainage through exfoliation to needle-free-sub-dermal therapy, MesoJet is the most advanced and versatile skin therapy system on the market. MesoJet takes saline or other cosmetic or medical solutions, accelerate them using pressurized air to supersonic velocities (200 mt/sec.) and with a special hand piece-nizzle breaks the accelerated liquid into micro-droplets. With MesoJet different treatments are possible: ANTI-AGING, using Solutions based on Jaluronic Acid, Argilenine that acts as a natural Botox or Vitamins, SKIN RENEWAL in order to reduce lines and scars, SKIN WHITENING for getting rid of age and sun spots through light, medium or deep Peeling.

• Skin Rejuvenation
• Lines and Deep Winkles
• Skin Pigmentation (Sun/Age)
• Skin Toning
• Acneic and Oily Skins
• Hyperkeratosis
• Skin Microcirculation Tonification
• Skin Crio-Tonification
• Hydration and Skin Oxygenation
• Light Medium or Deep Peeling
• Repairing process enhancement (pre/post laser or pulsed light)
• Lymphatic Drainage
• Scars (also post-acne) and Stretch Marks