Founded in 2008, Needle Concept works in the direction to launch and spread innovative medical techniques in the field of needles. Residing in France, Needle Concept participates actively in perfecting the Magic Needle and in doing the necessary testing in order to offer the best guarantees of production and to complete their launch on the global market in the best conditions.

For the fabrication of the needles requires extreme precision, and makes use of the most developed technologies. Strengthened by its experience, Needle Concept has gathered a team of medical practitioners in order to assess the advantages and improvements that Magic Needle offer for patients that have different profiles and correspond to several indications. Pledging to their commitment, Magic Needle is FDA approved and CE marked.

Specially designed with a rounded tip, the Magic Needle does not cut the skin or its subjacent tissue. Magic Needle is characterized by its flexibility and suppleness, a complete contrast to the rigidity of cutting needles and trauma-inducing cannula.

With the use of Magic Needle, patients will be assured that the procedure will be more tolerable and pain factor reduced by up to 90%, depending on the psychological state of the patient. Also, chances of bruising will reduce from 50% to 5%. Magic Needle will definitely improve the experience of the procedure.

Magic Needle comes in various gauge and length, catering to different procedures and indication.