Starting back from 1992 in Italy, with half a decade of research before its inception, General Topics believed to understand the complexity of the skin before developing any products. With several lines of products, Enerpeel is one of the product lines under Tebitech where products are developed for the treatment of specific skin problems. It is designed to perform various types of chemical exfoliation at various skin depths, to exfoliate and stimulate skin rejuvenation.

Traditional chemical exfoliations work by creating surface trauma to the skin, triggering inflammatory reactions that stimulate deeper skin remodelling activity. However this often results in side effects such as erythema and skin-shedding. To reduce surface trauma and its side effects, the solution has been to reduce the acidity of the chemical agent. This results in decreased skin irritation, but proportionately reduced efficiency.

Enerpeel works by using a patented technology that restrains acid activity until it is absorbed by the skin, after which the acid protons are activated in a dynamic, controlled manner as they penetrate into different layers of the skin. The result – less surface trauma, greater efficiency.