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Profhilo SEA Dinner : Unveil Your Beauty in Singapore

Back in September 2019, Neoasia together with our Profhilo South East Asia trainers, Dr Leo KW, Dr Lam BL, and Dr Siew TW, visited IBSA Derma at Lodi, Italy, for a first-hand learning experience with the IBSA International Ambassador, Dr Antonello Tateo, and the Head of Clinical Affairs, Gilberto Bellia.
Now in September 2022, we are thrilled to organize our first Profhilo SEA Dinner event in Singapore with IBSA Derma, to celebrate our 3 years of partnership! The event was held at St. Regis, Singapore on 12 September 2022. We were honored to have the presence of Tania Pirazzini, Head of Dermoesthetic Division in IBSA and Dr Riccardo Forte, Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and IBSA Derma International Ambassador.
At the event, we provided technology and product updates to our doctors. We are very grateful for the support given by our doctors and immensely encouraged by their sharing about how much they enjoyed the event. We take this opportunity to thank all our doctors for their support and trust in us. We look forward to providing more cutting-edge technologies from IBSA Derma in the coming years!